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GD Topic For MBA Admission

Friday, January 24th, 2020

Group Discussion (GD)/ WAT Topics 2023 (MBA): Check Out Current & Latest GD/WAT Topics with Detailed Analysis

In India, Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) are the most sought-after postgraduate position courses in operation.
Group Discussion (GD), Written Capability Test (WAT), and Particular Interview (PI) are important parts of the selection/ admission of campaigners to the MBA/ PGDM courses at most IIMs, B- seminaries, and other top institutes.

There are some tips to crack GD-WAT-PI rounds.

Piecemeal from written entrance testsnumerous top B- Schools conduct GD, WAT, and PI rounds for admissions.
Students are judged and analyzed on the base of their performance in these rounds, which can make or break their chance to get selected for admission.
Just having high scores is not enough as students must also possess good communication, presentation, leadership, and analytical skills.

Start preparing early for GD-WAT-PI rounds

Students should start preparing early for the GD-WAT-PI rounds. Especially after the announcement of the management entrance exam results, candidates should focus on preparing for these rounds for admission to top institutions. Though there is no fixed formula or particular syllabus to prepare for GD-WAT-PI, students should follow a well-prepared plan and take the help of experts’ guidance, toppers’ tips, and success stories.

Students must know how to conduct themselves during GDs

For GDs, Students should know how to express their views in a free yet assertive manner. Students are assessed based on their confidence, communication/managerial skills, and general knowledge. Students should read newspapers to know current affairs. Apart from knowledge of various topics, they should know how to conduct themselves. During GDs, they shouldn’t interrupt others but instead, have a strategy to make their point.

Regular written practice, and newspaper reading necessary for WAT

WAT tests a Students ability to think critically and communicate their views/responses through constructive critique on paper within the given duration. Before writing their answers, students should know how to structure their essays with a good introduction, body, and conclusion. For WAT too, one must read newspapers and focus on current affairs, the latest trends, and India’s growth-related articles and improve their language and articulation.

Know what to say (and not to say) during PIs

In the PI round, Students are evaluated whether they have the required skills and capabilities to pursue a management career successfully. Students are typically asked about their background/family, education, career goals and interests, current affairs, experience, etc. The most important requirements to clear PIs are confidence and honesty. It is essential to know the right preparation tactics to clear each round to secure admissions.

Group Discussion (GD)/WAT Topics on Current Affairs

Metaverse and Future

Population Control Bill

Uniform Civil Code

Tata taking over Air India

Ukraine-Russia Conflict

US Inflation

Inflation Heat in Europe


UP Elections

India’s Performance in Olympics 2020

Repealing of Farm Bills

Farmers’ Protest and MSP

Indo-Russia Relations

Taliban Takeover of Afghanistan

Will AI replace or assist humans

Is Climate Change a Hoax

Online Education is here to stay

Is gender equality desirable or a burden

Bio-war and bio-weapons are new means of world supremacy

World post-COVID-19

Indian vaccines vs foreign vaccines

Jal Jeevan Mission

Coronavirus: Impact on Global Economy

Importance of the Statue of Unity

COVID-19: Importance of spending on Public Health

COVID-19: How India fared in fighting coronavirus compared to developed countries

Is social distancing the new world order?

Online education, work from home: Have we arrived in a virtual world

Nationwide lockdown to flatten the COVID-19 curve: Dent on Economy

The coronavirus and lockdown have exposed social inequality in modern India

Citizenship Amendment Act – What and Why

How will the Abrogation of Article 370 improve the situation in Kashmir

Should there be a limit to Media Freedom?

Why is Individual Data Privacy important?

Is Trump creating World Trade War?

Will companies benefit from the Companies Amendment Bill?

Discuss Union Budget India 2022-23

Discounts on E-commerce websites are harmful in the end

How beneficial is the IIM 2017 bill for students?

Is preponing the presentation date of the General Budget a good decision?

Is India ready for electric vehicles?

Will De-Nuclearisation Instill World Peace?

Will fake news kill the Social Fiber of India if unchecked?

Can India afford to spend a fortune on projects like Mission to MARS?

Is it still too early for India to have bullet trains?

Making Aadhaar mandatory is not a good idea- for or against

Implications of State Assembly elections at the national level?

Is the banning of Pakistani artists from India justified?

Modicare: Will it be an affordable healthcare project?

Implications of CAA-NCR

Doklam StandoffFarm Bill Amendment -The new agricultural bill
Atmanirbhar Bharat: Call for self-relianceNEP: The new education policy
Free Speech is an excuse to polariseChadrayaan-2 mission

Group Discussion (GD) /WAT Topics on Business & Economy

Will reduced Goods & Services Tax (GST) help the Indian economy in growing faster?

How is the falling rupee impacting the Indian economy?

How capable is India of leading the Solar Energy, Wind Energy revolution?

Cashless Economy – Is India ready for it?

Is MBA necessary to be Successful in Business?

Should the Indian economy be privatized?

Can India become a $5 trillion economy by 2024?

Blockchain Technology – Pros & Cons

Views on Bitcoin/CryptoCurrency

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the retail sector is good for India- agree or disagree?

Ways in which Technology is impacting the Banking sector

Agriculture Vs Manufacturing Industry in India

How can we control banking fraud to reduce NPAs?

Minimum Support Price: Is it a Political gimmick?

Is Globalization an Opportunity or a Threat?

How will the deal between Walmart and Flipkart impact the Indian Economy?

Will India be able to double Farmers’ Income in the next 5 years?

Is ‘Startup India’ Boosting Entrepreneurship

India V/s China: Will India remain way behind China?

How beneficial is the merger of Public Sector Banks?

Make in India campaign

High Deficit Financing V/s high-interest rates: Can both go together?

Will RERA restore the trust of homebuyers?

Should Business Lobbying be made legal in India?

Demonetization: Discuss its Success & failures

Views on YONO

Is Corruption in the Economy the root cause of the Indian Economic slowdown?

Views on Merging the General & Railway Budget

Statue of Unity – Symbol of Pride or Wastage of Public Money?

Will Automation and Artificial Intelligence reduce or increase Jobs?
Surcharge on Income Tax (IT) for the Super-RichAll You Need to Know about Right to Information

Group Discussion (GD)/WAT Topics on Social Issues

The success of the Swachh Bharat Mission

Smart City Project – How useful will they be?

Social Media: A boon or a bane for society?

Is Net Neutrality essential to make India Digital?

Will Beti Bachao Beti Padhao abolish the orthodox mindset?

Crime against women

Views on Retirement Homes    

Views on Climate Change Summit

Does Browsing at Workplace affect productivity?

Should the national anthem be played in cinema halls?

Rural vs Urban India

Environment and us

Does India need a uniform civil code- For or against?

Give views on the present system of education in our country

Group Discussion (GD)/WAT on Abstract Topics

Hard Work Vs Smart Work

How important is it to be patient in Business and Management?

Work-Life Balance is a Myth

Building strategies Vs Execution

Self Motivation

The first impression is the last impression

Change is the only constant

Leader Vs Follower

Friends, Enemies, or Frenemies?

Innovation Vs Invention

Ethics or Profit?

Freedom: A Myth?

Thoughts on the Me Too Campaign

Do we need more entrepreneurs than managers?

Can failures teach you important lessons in life?

Women are better multi-taskers- agree or disagree?

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