National Institutes of Technology (NITs)

The National Institutes of Technology (NITs) are the central government-owned-public technical institutes under the ownership of the Ministry of Education, Government of India. They are governed by the National Institutes of Technology, Science Education and Research Act, 2007, which declared them as institutions of national importance and lays down their powers, duties, and framework for governance. In 2019, the first IIEST was added under the Council of NITSER. The act lists thirty-two NITs.[2] The oldest NIT is now IIEST Shibpur. Each NIT is autonomous, linked to the others through a common council known as the Council of NITSER, which oversees their administration, and all NITs are funded by the Government of India

NIT Seats Matrix-

NIT Name

Total Seats

SC Reservation %

ST Reservation %

NIT Agartala105915%18%
NIT Calicut124414%7%
NIT Delhi18214%7%
NIT Durgapur90914%7%
NIT Goa18814%7%
NIT Hamirpur94414%7%
NIT Karnataka98114%7%
NIT Meghalaya15110%41%
NIT Nagaland2366%45%
NIT Patna81314%7%
NIT Puducherry24313%7%
NIT Raipur119714%7%
NIT Sikkim16115%7%
NIT Arunachal Pradesh19011%36%
NIT Jamshedpur75114%7%
NIT Kurukshetra114714%7%
NIT Manipur1809%17%
NIT Mizoram15013%7%
NIT Rourkela123414%7%
NIT Silchar88414%7%
NIT Srinagar88914%7%
NIT Tiruchirappalli103613%7%
NIT Uttarakhand8018%9%
NIT Warangal94514%7%
NIT Bhopal117314%7%
NIT Allahabad107414%7%
NIT Jaipur90914%7%
NIT Jalandhar112214%7%
NIT Surat109114%7%
NIT Nagpur94614%7%
NIT Shibpur76414%7%
NIT Andhra Pradesh60314%7%

Types of Degree Programmes Offered in NITs

NITs are the most prominent engineering colleges in India after the IITs. They offer various undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and admission to most of the programmes is entrance based. The most popular undergraduate programmes offered by NITs are BTech and B.Arch while MBA and MTech are the popular postgraduate programmes.

UG ProgrammesPG Programmes
Bachelor of Technology (BTech)Master of Science (MSc)
Bachelor of Science (BS)Master of Technology (MTech)
Dual Degree (BTech-MTech)Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Dual Degree (BS & MS) –
Bachelor of Architecture (BArch) –
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