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Kazakh national medical university

Country: Kazakhstan

Type: government

Established: 1930

Location: Tole Bi Street 94, Almaty 050000, Kazakhstan


Kazakh National Medical University (KazNMU) is one of the top medical universities of Kazakhstan. The university was established in the year 1930 in the rural area of Almaty city. The city is known to have the population of about 1,000,000 – 5,000,000. With its excellent academic results, the government of Kazakhstan classified KazNMU as the national university in the year 2001.

The university is recognized by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The university was started with the mission to define a perfect model of competitive and innovation focused institution in order to deliver highly qualified medical education to the students worldwide. The structure of the university is strong enough to provide up-to-date scientific investigations on urgent problems of Public health, implemented in practical health care at a medical services market.

The university offers a number of medical courses under bachelor, master degrees as well as doctorate programs. Many students from various countries apply to get admission in MBBS in KazNMU. Kazakh National Medical University is well-equipped with the modernized infrastructure and the best medical instruments. At present, there are over 11,000 students studying there and over 1500 faculty members are working in Kazakh National Medical University. The faculty members comprises of more than 500 candidates of science, over 200 doctors of science, 130 professors, and 15 laureates of State prizes.

  1. General Medicine faculty
  2. Therapeutic Faculty
  3. Faculty of pediatrics
  4. Medico-Prophylactic Faculty
  5. Stomatology Faculty
  6. Pharmacy Faculty
  7. Faculty of Management in Public Health and Pharmacy
  8. Postgraduate

Kazakh Russian medical university

Country: Kazakhstan

Type: Private

Established: 1992

Location: Almaty 050000, Kazakhstan


Kazakh Russian Medical University is one of the top private colleges in the Republic of Kazakhstan. It was formerly popular as Kazakhstani Medical University has unlocked its doors in the year 1992. The University was founded by the member of Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan, Dr. Mukhtar Aliyevich Aliyev. The educational procedure is completely planned within the Department of Kazakh Russian Medical University. The University is capable of providing medical training at clinical sites of a renowned medical institution to its candidates.

The enrolment at the university will be made on a competitive basis. Also, applicants without citizenship or foreign citizenship are acknowledged in agreement with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan as well as international treaties validate by the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Rules and regulation of admission at KRMU are developed in agreement with the Model Rules of Admission, accepted by Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The educational strategy at the Kazakh Russian Medical University meets the benchmark of education. In addition, new methods and plan of teaching to advance medical learning in the Republic of Kazakhstan were effectively tested at the KRMU.

The medical teaching is guided by more than 200 lecturers in which most of them are reputed and well- known doctors, foreign scientist, and some famous Kazakhstani. The students will also get the opportunity to practice and study in abroad with the academic mobility program. Students will have the option to choose their learning language (Kazakh or Russian).

Kazakh Russian Medical University has good relations with the University in the country and far abroad. Their partner list comprises of Nagasaki University, The Federal centre of Heart, Bashkir state Medical University, Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University, Omsk state Medical Academy and the list goes on. The joint research programs, educational activities, research in Genetics, child and maternal health care are created at the KRMU.

Shymkent State Medical University

Country : Kazakhstan

Type : government

Established : 1979

Location : Al-Farabi Square 1, Shymkent 160001, Kazakhstan


Seitzhamal Orynbasarovich Pakeyev, director of the Shymkent medical college, candidate of medical sciences, excellent officer of Healthcare of the RK

The history of the college begins in the distant in 1930, when the first five-year plan for the development of the national economy of the USSR was the improvement of medical assistance to the population and the intensification of disease prevention. Shymkent Medical College is one of the oldest educational institutions of the South Kazakhstan region. For 80 years the college has been training specialists with secondary medical education and today it is one of the best educational institutions.
The medical college began its work with the training of medical assistants. In 1934 it was renamed into a college of medical assistant. From 1948 to 1954, the college of medical assistant became known as the medical assistant and obstetric college.
In 1954, the medical assistant and obstetric college was reorganized into a medical college.
In 1934, began training of secondary medical personnel on the specialty “General medicine” with the qualification “Medical assistant”, in 1948 the first graduates of specialists with the qualification “Obstetrician” took place. Since 1936, began training in the specialty “Nursing” with the qualification “General Nurse”, since 1930 – specialty “Hygiene and Epidemiology” with the qualification “Hygienist-epidemiologist”, in 1953 – specialty “Stomatology” with the qualification “Dentist” , 1964 – specialty “Laboratory diagnostics” with the qualification “Medical laboratory assistant”, 1953 – specialty, “Pharmacy” with the qualification “Pharmacist”, 1957 – specialty, “Orthopedic dentistry” with the qualification “Dental technician”.
In 1996, the school received the status of a college, on the grounds of order No.282, dated 14.02.1996
An educational institution that was always ready to open doors to future medical professionals has gone a long way, and many memorable days in the first half of the last century.
The names of the first team leaders – K.I. Shkilny, D. Nurpeisov, M.D. Vinokur,

A.I. Ilashev – long ago became the history of the college.
K.I. Shkilny
(1930 – 1933 was the first leader of the college for the training of medical assistants)
D. Shamiyeev.
(1930-1937 years was the director of the college of medical assistant).

D. Nurpeisov.
(1937-1943 was the director of the medical assistant and obstetric college).
N.N. Blokh
(1943 was the first leader of the medical assistant and obstetric college).
D. M. Vinokur
(1937 – 1943 was the director of the medical assistant and obstetric college).
V. Chernov
 (1943 – 1944 years was the head of the medical assistant and obstetric college).
A.I. Ilashev
(1976 – 1995, he was the director of the Shymkent medical college)

A. Momynov
(1995 – 2007 was the director of the Shymkent medical college.
Seitzhamal Orynbasarovich Pakeyev, director of the Shymkent medical college, candidate of medical sciences, excellent officer of Healthcare of the RK
Everyone knows that during the Great Patriotic War, medicine developed very much, therefore the harsh years of the war betrayed a special meaning of college history.
Heroic efforts in the years of the Great Patriotic War brought Victory Day and graduates of the Shymkent medical college.
Razia Shakenovna Iskakova, the owner of the Florence International Night Cross Florence Nightingale, a graduate of our college, volunteered to the front. During the fighting she was twice wounded, but after recovering she returned to the front. After the war, after returning, she remained forever in the city of Shymkent.
Iskakova Razia Shakenovna – the pride of our college, a graduate of 1939, a veteran of the Great Patriotic War. In 1975 she was awarded the F. Nightingale Medal, 1944-1945 was awarded several orders and medals: “Red Star”, “For Courage”.
The era changes, but the requirements for nurses do not change. The quality of knowledge of skills has always been characteristic of highly qualified specialists, therefore special attention is paid to the organization of the learning process, the mastering and introduction of innovative teaching methods.
In 2001, the first among the medical secondary schools of the republic was put into operation. The educational and polyclinic center, which is not only a base for practical training, but also in treatment rooms, physiotherapy, dentistry, clinical laboratory – for college teachers, employees provide medical care, and operates a day hospital for the population of the city.

      The main goal of the educational and polyclinic center is to bring the educational process closer to clinical, so the center is equipped with modern medical equipment.
At present, Shymkent medical college has introduced training of medical specialists in the departments “Nursing”, “Obstetrics”, “Hygiene and epidemiology”, “Pharmacy”, “Stomatology”, “Laboratory diagnostics” and “General medicine”.
To date, 1599 students receive knowledge, 175 teachers provide training and educational process.
During the work of the educational institution, 28590 thousand highly qualified specialists of the middle level were trained.
The main task of the team is the preparation of highly qualified, competitive specialists. The center of propaganda of the fundamentals of pedagogy, psychology, methods of teaching, education and methodical work is the methodical room of the college.
The college has a library with a total library fund of 55,725 books, including 14,312 books in the state language. Each student has 32 textbooks.
In the college there are 25 interactive whiteboards, 2 mini away interactive classrooms, a mini printing house, as well as an educational and information center. All college computers are connected to the global information resources of the Internet and local computer communications are connected to computer rooms, which allows using modern technologies in the educational process.
The pedagogical team is constantly in search of modern innovative teaching technologies. The author’s work of teachers also pleases. To date, teachers have published the following textbooks in the state and russian languages:
– G.A. Eshova “The basis of nursing” (textbook) І-ІІedition 2005, 2013.
– M.Sh. Seralieva “Communal hygiene” (textbook)
– M.A. Sultanov, A.A. Erbasova “Pharmacology” (textbook in the state language) І-ІІedition, 2008, 2014.
– M.Sh. Seralieva, U.S. Ilakbaeva “Hygiene of food”
– M.Sh. Seralieva, Zh.I. Daurenbekova “Technique of laboratory works”
– Z.T. Tulepova “Epidemiology” (textbook)

– A.U. Nurzhanova, M.Sh. Seralieva, “Collection of lectures on microbiology and virology”
– M.I. Kravchuk “Lectures on Pharmacology”, “Collection of didactic materials on pharmacology”
– B.K. Mendibaeva “Hygiene of Labor”

– G.K. Sakhova “The basis of psychology”
Educational and clinical rooms are equipped with modern medical dummies and phantoms, which are the preclinical base of practical training.
According to the requirements of the time since 2008, the quality management system ISO 9001: 2000 has been implemented in the college, which is confirmed by certificate No. 24916, dated October 14, 2008. Now our graduates have an opportunity to continue their knowledge in the near and far abroad.
Shymkent medical college is 85 years. Today Shymkent medical college is a prestigious constantly developing educational institution, a reliable partner, an institution with a library, a book fund of 75,000 copies, a reading room and a dormitory for 250 people.
The pedagogical team is constantly in search of modern innovative teaching technologies. The educational institution has bright pages of research work, as evidenced by prizes in the republican, regional, city, scientific and practical conferences.
– 2011 – Haeckel Ekaterina, a student of the department “General medicine” took the second place in the republican contest “The best graduate of medical college – 2014”;
– 2012 – Sagynbekova Aidana, at the Republican contest “The Best Pharmacist – 2012” won the Grand Prix;
– 2012 – Kali Zhuldyzai, a student of the department “General medicine”, in the regional olympiad in general subjects took 3rd place;
– 2013 – Papucidi Afina, a student of the department “General medicine” took the second place in the republican contest; – Bazarbaeva Kaliya, a student of the department “Pharmacy” took the second place in the Republican contest “The Best Pharmacist – 2013”;
– 2014 – D. Salimbetov, won the II prize-winning place in the ХVІRepublican contest “The Best Dental Technician – 2014”; which was held in the dental college of Professor Rizuddinov; – Onalbekova Boldykz took the second place at the Republican contest “The best graduate of medical college – 2014”, which was held in the city of Karaganda;
– 2015g. – J. Spandiyar took the second place at the Republican contest “The best graduate of 2015”, in the city of Kyzylorda.

– Kenzhebayeva Tursynay received the Grand Prix, at the regional contest “The best graduate of the medical college of the South Kazakhstan region – 2015”, in the specialty “Nursing”
– Rizalieva Sanda took the first place at the Republican contest in the city of Karaganda, in the specialty “Pharmacy”;
        In 2013, on the basis of the college, a simulation center was set up, consisting of 11 cabinets. The structure of the center includes the teaching rooms of nursing technologies – the І-st (procedural, helping patients with disorders of the gastrointestinal tract), medicine of catastrophes, maternity ward, room for women’s consultation, propaedeutics of internal diseases and exercises for practical skills in the computer knowledge system, dressing , A standard room for patients, a cabinet for nursing manipulation (setting an enema), a room for debriefing.
The center is equipped with modern mechanical simulators, models, phantoms, manikins, and also work-simulators of the patient, which allow to practice practical skills and skills without harm to the patient and to consolidate the basis of the clinical thinking of the future specialist.
In the above-mentioned offices of the simulation center, college teachers conduct final lessons, take exams and tests.
To increase the effectiveness of simulation simulators, special simulation scenarios have been prepared, on the equipment of Order No. 404, dated May 28, 2015, the Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

     From 01.10 to 16.10.2019, the budget cycles “Actual aspects of the operating nurse’s activities” and “The procedure for working with integrated medical information systems” will be carried out in the advanced training and retraining department of secondary medical and pharmaceutical workers.

     In addition, in the 005 republican budget program, from October 01, the cycles (54 and 108 hours) of “Algorithms for the provision of medical care at the prehospital stage (using simulation technologies)” began for training in the provision of emergency medical care to primary health workers in primary care and emergency wards.

To date, the college occupies strong positions in the system of secondary vocational education. In recent years, intensive development in the field of education and health will be improved. This stimulates the planning of new projects and looks with hope in the future. The strategic task of the college was to build a modern educational building, a sports hall, study rooms, as well as to increase the material and technical base of laboratories, and to improve the skills of doctors-teachers within the republic of near and far abroad. Now this is a modern exemplary educational and clinical building, which has two equipped simulator centers.
For five years, 139 teachers have completed working internship abroad. Pedagogical staff and students achieved great results.
Today, our graduates work in medical organizations of the region and make a great contribution to the promotion of public health. We are sure that the anthem of Shymkent medical college will remain forever in the memory of our graduates.

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