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AMA University

Country: Philippines

Type: Private

Established: 1980

Location: Quezon City, Philippines

The Capital city is Manila; a mega city with over 20 million population. Multiple ethnicities and cultures are found. Cultural influences are from Spain, US, Hindu & Islam.

A Hindu Temple and Gurudwara is located in Manila. Embassy of India is located in Makati, Metro Manila – a distance of just 2.40 kilo meters from AMA School of Medicine.

Advantages of Education in AMA School of Medicine, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines:

01. Education STANDARD is Excellent & Very HIGH Quality

02. Many USA educated professionals are Teachers and Administrators in Philippines

03. USA / American pattern of Education is followed

04. English is the Official Language of the Philippines

05. Low fees – 75% lower than fees in Private Schools in India

06. Easily accessible from India with daily flights to Philippines

07. Tropical Diseases similar to India BEST for clinical training – not there in China or Russia

08. Indian food available

09. Education gateway to countries like USA & UK

10. Philippines has educated & sent 2nd largest number of foreign Doctors to USA

11. Over 20,000 foreign students are enrolled and studying in The Philippines

12. Philippines is highest exporter of trained Nurses to the USA.

13. Highest MCI pass rate is from Philippines

14. Located in Makati, Business District of Metro Manila, Capital of Philippines.

Opportunities for Global Growth

Opportunities to secure employment and residency in developed countries Education gateway to countries like the UK, Australia and United States of America.

Weather: Summer is from March to May. Monsoon is from June to October. November to

February is cool with fair weather. Average day temperature, is 22.2 C to 3l.6 C with humidity at 77 percent.

Transport: Manila International Airport has several international flights from many countries. It is the gateway of international flights to Philippines. In Manila Buses, Jeepneys,

LRT, and taxis are readily available in getting around the city

InfrastructureLocation: Located in MAKATI – the Central Business district of Metro Manila. It is 2.40 kilo-meters from the Embassy of India And 6.0 kilo -meters from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Travel time to the Airport is 30 minutes and to the Embassy is 10minutes by Taxi if the traffic is normal.

Hostel and Living Conditions:

The AMA School of Medicine has contracts with Apartments and boarding houses located within 500 meters radius for students which serve as its hostel. A range of housing options are available from non air conditioned to air conditioned rooms at prices ranging from 2000 to 5000 pesos per month per bed on sharing basis.

There are plenty of eating places nearby. India food / catering arrangements are made for students from India. Laundry arrangements are there for students.

Training Hospital Tie Ups :

The AMA School of Medicine has tie ups / affiliations with three hospitals for clerkship and practical exposure for it medical students. These are:

1. Pasay General Hospital

2. AFP Hospital (Armed Forces of Philippines Hospital)

3. Quinoa Hospital

There are over 1000 beds in these hospitals. There is a steady flow of patients providing an

excellent training ground for students studying MD or MBBS. Students get ample structured

exposure in these hospitals.

Listing / Registration:

                  WHO-  The AMA School of Medicine is listed in the World Health                       Organization Directory of Medical Schools.

                    CHED-AMA School of Medicine is registered with Commission of Higher Education (CHED) which is the Regulatory Body in the Philippines.

               MCI– Indian Students from AMA School of Medicine are eligible for MCI Screening test and be licensed to practice in India.

Syllabus & Tenure of Education

Syllabus: Was drawn up by Doctors educated in Harvard Medical School, USA and meets the latest international standards of Medical Education.

Students after class 12 take 4 years and 10 months to complete medical education.

Students with Bachelors Degree take 4 years to complete medical education.

Pre-Medical: Students from India after class 12 first enroll in a Pre-medical course for 9-10 months to get equivalency in Philippines and be eligible for admission to the 4 year medical course. Students with a Bachelors Degree can be admitted directly to MD course.

MD or MBBS Course: The Medical Course in the Philippines is called MD and it is equal to MBBS in India. The four-year medical course progresses from the study of the normal to the abnormal human being. Most subjects are yearly courses taken up for two semesters.

The final year or clinical clerkship is mainly spent in actual patient care in affiliated Hospitals serving as the clinical laboratory. Hospital rounds and group discussions give the student a good perspective on bedside manners, diagnosis and management. The clerks rotate through the different clinical departments for 48 weeks with periodic evaluation. The University has

arrangement with 3 hospitals Govt. Hospitals and the AFP Hospital for Clerkship.

The syllabus is as follows:

Year 1 Pre Medical – Trimester –

Psychology and Related Subjects

Year 2 MD 1st year: Normal Human Body

Cell, basic tissue, integumentary system, Musculoskeletal system, Hematology, Immunology, Head, Neck, Special Senses, Gastrointestinal, Nutrition, Reproductive, Endocrine, Cardiovascular, Pulmonary, Renal, Nervous System, Genetics, Perspectives in medicine and history of medicine, Applied Epidemiology, Behavioral medicine 1, Practice of Medicine 1.

Year 3 MD 2nd Year: Mechanism and Management of Human Disease

Pharmacology, Microbiology, Parasitology, Pathology, Cardiovascular,

Pulmonary, Renal, Hematology, Immunology, Infectious Disease,

Integumentary, Musculoskeletal, Research Methodology, Principles of Surgery, Medical Bioethics, Medical Research Projects. Behavioral Medicine 2, The Practice of Medicine (History taking, Physical Examination, Diagnostic Skills).

Year 4 MD 3rd Year: Mechanism and Management of Human Disease

Clinical Neurosciences, Special Senses, Endocrine, Gastrointestinal- , women and Children’s Health, Management of Health Programs, Behavioral Medicine 2, Research projects, Legal Medicine and Medical Jurisprudence, Medical Informatics, Special Lectures, The Practice of Medicine 3 including Procedural Skills.

Year 5 MD 4th Year: Clinical Clerkship Program (12 months)

Internal Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Eye, Earn Nose and Throat, Psychiatry, Community Medicine, Electives.

Eligibility for Admission for International Students

After Class 12: Total duration of the program will be 4 years 10 months.

Student should have passed class 12 with at least :

– 50% in Physics, Chemistry and Biology in Class 12 and passed in English

– Should have Physics, Chemistry and Biology in class 11.

– Preference will be given to students with better academic credentials

Students who apply will be admitted to a 10 month pre-medical bachelors program leading to a bachelors degree. They will then be admitted to a 4 year MD program equivalent to MBBS in India.

After Bachelors Degree:  Total duration of the course is 4 years

Students should have passed Bachelors with science Student should have passed class 12 with at least :

– Minimum 50% in Physics, Chemistry and Biology in Class 12 and passed in English

– Should have passed with Physics, Chemistry and Biology in class 11

– Preference to students with better academic credentials

Fees and Scholarships:

– Fees: Of the AMA School of Medicine is given in Annexure

– Scholarship / Merit Awards: For incoming batch – 10 (ten) merit scholarships will be given to the top ten students on successful completion of the 1st year of education. This will be a reduction in the tuition fee of the next year of US $ 1000 each.

English Advantage: Biggest advantage of Philippine is English. Just as Indians are educated in English as India

was a colony of UK; Philippines-was a US colony. English is

an official language in Philippines. School is in English

 from class 1 – like in India:

  -No new language needed to be learnt.

 -Time is spent on medical education and not on language: Better Education!!

  -94% of population speaks English. Students converse

With patients fluently – unlike in non English speaking

countries. Better learning for students.

-Teachers speak good English and can explain well to

Students-no communication problems.

 US & International Job Advantage:

      Philippines: Largest supplier of trained nurses & Doctors

      to USA & several other countries.

-Strong culture of giving USMLE & going to the US for

job. Universities are listed in California Board of Medicine for licensing. Advantage to Philippines.

– Alumni work in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Gulf etc. Good for networking and linkages for jobs.

Superior Quality Education:

– Teachers are all fluent in English

 – Some Teachers are US educated and can offer guidance and advise on overseas careers.

-High standard of education compared to non English



Philippines a tropical country.

-Diseases common to India are found in Philippines

-Ease of Living – similar temperature to India.


During hospital work medical students get exposure to many patients in Philippines.


         Fees are low. It takes only 4 years and 10 months to complete.

CLINICAL ROTATION IN USA Possible:– Clinical rotations in USA are counted in your grade.

Exposure from US Hospital helps in jobs in the USA after USMLE.

 – University or Agents help you arrange for clerkship or you can arrange yourself in the USA.


– Cosmopolitan city with modern facilities – Students feel at home. Many tourists. Traditionally the locals welcome foreigners. Everyone knows English

– Getting visa is very easy

 – Food: Many cuisines including Indian is available.

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